Chef Costanzo Astarita




Why is sustainability important to you & your restaurant?
Conservation is important to us, without sustainability we couldn’t survive as humans. Generations to come will benefit from out conservation and our future businesses.
If you were a farmer what would you raise or grow?
Tomatoes. Our family has a strong history and affinity with tomatoes. On the Isle of Capri, there is a strong connection to
what little land we have. Cherry tomatoes are my families favorite. The real ones too, not gassed or genetically enhanced.
When you taste a real tomato, you can never go back.
What one seasoning can you not live without? Garlic. It goes with everything and enhance and lends a nice heat to your dishes.
What should every kitchen not be without? Real Salt! Also a variety of different salts. Salts are not created equal, based on where they are from and how
they are harvested.
What chef, person and or book inspired you to enter the culinary world? The men of my family. They were all chefs and traditions and stories were passed down from the recipes they gave me.
What are some can’t miss items on the menu? Pappardelle with Lamb Ragu and Kimchi Wings
What celebrity or historical figure would you most want to serve a meal to? Leonardo DaVinci
Where and with whom would be your ideal location for your last supper? What would you eat, drink and listen to ? The Isle of Capri overlooking the Faragliglioni. My Wife. I would eat a pasta with fresh local seafood and listening to Pepino

Chef Costanzo Astarita was born into a family of chefs on the Isle of Capri.  Shortly after, his family immigrated to Bermuda where he trained at the Bermuda Culinary School.  He then moved to the United Kingdom to finish his Hotel Restaurant Management Degree.  WIth all of his culinary education and experience, his greatest influence was his father, where he worked and trained under extensively.  This true Italian training developed his mantra of using the best and freshest ingredients that are in season.  “Keep the recipes simple and let the ingredients shine in the dish.”  After moving to Atlanta, Astarita spent some time at Chateau Elan, as director of food operations, and then set out to open his own restaurant group, which involves Ciao Bella, Baraonda, PDH (Publik Draft House) and Fig Jam.



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