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Grandma Brock

Farmer Grandma Brock

FARMER GRANDMA BROCK Grandma Brock’s Country Farm is a 13-acre farm situated between Atlanta and Athens providing locally and naturally grown produce in Franklin County, Georgia. We grow on land which is Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) using biodynamic, natural and sustainable methods. We specialize in heirloom organic tomatoes and vegetables along with medicinal/culinary herbs and [...]

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JOIN Chef Costanzo Astarita and Farmer Grandma Brock for a night filled with enchantment, food and friends as we celebrate Octobers’s HARVEST in an architecturally intriguing venue! WHEN: Wed., October 9, 2013 at 6:30 BYOB WHERE: It’s a Surprise Reservations open to all members on Friday, September 6. Go to BUY TICKET for reservations Forgotten [...]

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Chef Costanzo

Chef Costanzo Astarita

Q & A with CHEF COSTANZO ASTARITA     Why is sustainability important to you & your restaurant? Conservation is important to us, without sustainability we couldn’t survive as humans. Generations to come will benefit from out conservation and our future businesses. If you were a farmer what would you raise or grow? Tomatoes. Our [...]

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