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Chef Dan Barash, Gum Creek Farms & Star Provisions

June 28, 2009 “Artisanal Pork” For Food’s Sake gathering took place in a beautiful home on the historic Habersham Road of Buckhead.  180 Degree Kitchen and the talented Chef Dan Barash served dinner in several private dining rooms to 34 guest who savored artisanal pork loin.  Tommy Searcy of Gum Creek Farms discussed how he breeds [...]

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Chef Dan Barash

Q&A with Chef Dan What one seasoning can you not live without (other than salt)? saffron What celebrity or historical figure would you most want to serve a meal to? My dream came true when I fed Wayne Gretzky What would you have at your last supper? Paella Where would be your ideal location for [...]

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Gum Creek Farms

Naturally grown Berkshire pork, Katahdin lamb, chicken and turkey are grown on pastures that include grasses and clovers. The pastures are not treated with insecticide or herbicide. Rotational grazing methods are used for disease management and better forage nutrition. Our animals are drug free (No growth hormones or preventative antibiotics). They are processed at State [...]

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