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D&A Farm

                                                                                                                                              Chef Evan Cordes and D&A Farm Host Oct. 11 For Foods Sake What prepared you to be a farmer? When I was younger, I worked in a greenhouse at the local nursery. It was a small, family run business, similar to my farm now. [...]

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Chef Evan Cordes

                                        Q&A with Chef Evan Cordes Why is sustainability important to you & your restaurant? This really just boils down to doing the “right” thing. Supporting the local economy is essential, the more we can support the farms that surround the city, the more jobs can be be created; which, as [...]

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Graveyard Shift: Supper at Oakland Cemetery

by Amanda Trevelino of Full Dishclosure A chilly October mist settles over us the minute we step into the graveyard, making us a little unsure about having agreed to dine with the dead, but Esther Andrew and Chef Evan Cordes are about to shift our way of thinking. Photos by Kitty Ray Swain. In the [...]

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