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Chef Ford Fry

Q&A with Chef Ford What one seasoning can you not live without (other than salt)? I guess you can call lemon zests a “seasoning.” The oils from the zests of lemons or meyer lemons find their way into so many things of ours. What celebrity or historical figure would you most want to serve a [...]

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Love is Love

Love is Love Farm

Operated by Joe Reynolds and Judith Winfrey, Love is Love Farm focuses on heirloom and endangered vegetable varieties, and employs soil-based agricultural practices, such as continuous crop-rotation, cover cropping and labor-intensive hand weeding to cultivate the best and healthiest vegetables. All fertility and soil amendments are composed of natural sources. We believe that a direct [...]

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Chef Ford Fry & Brian Horn of JCT and Love is Love Farm

MAY 28, 2009 “Hidden Springs Honey” Thanks to all of you who attended the inaugural event to celebrate food for food’s sake! 32 guest gathered around in the JCT Kitchen courtyard for a delightful experience of ambiance, exceptional conversation and an unforgettable meal.  Love is Love farm, Judith Winfrey and Joe Reynolds discussed their honey farm from the process to textures [...]

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