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Chef Hector Santiago

Q & A with Chef Hector Why is sourcing local produce important to you and your restaurant? Freshness and quality. Most farmers that we buy from are growing heirloom varieties and are willing to experiment with varieties that we may want (i.e. padron peppers). This is beside the fact that these product travel less to [...]

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Gum Creek Farms and Farmer Jeff

Farmer Jeff has about 3 aces in production and grows a wide assortment of heirloom vegetables, herbs, potted plants and small fruit. The goal of the farm is to develop a system that blends Organics, Permculture and Biodynamics into a productive sustainable enterprise. Farmer Jeff sells his unique products to local CSA’s, farmers markets and [...]

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Chef Hector Santiago, Gum Creek Farms & Farmer Jeff

August 6, 2009 Lamb (Oveja) Head To Tail For Food’s Sake gathering took place at the Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazer Center. With it’s picturesque gardens and shady trees, guest were offered a touch of dignified elegance. The talented Chef Hector Santiago and the students of 180 Degree Kitchen served a twist of the [...]

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