Chef Hector Santiago, Gum Creek Farms & Farmer Jeff

August 6, 2009
Lamb (Oveja) Head To Tail

For Food’s Sake gathering took place at the Cator Woolford Gardens at the Frazer Center. With it’s picturesque gardens and shady trees, guest were offered a touch of dignified elegance. The talented Chef Hector Santiago and the students of 180 Degree Kitchen served a twist of the unexpected with Oveja {Lamb} Head to Tail. A truly palate exploring Latin American dinner with an exotic Amuse and delectable courses such lamb loin with Honduran cous cous and Farmer Jeff’s tomatoes. The main course of lamb was prepared to perfection with Gum Creek Farms grass fed lamb that anyone can truly taste the difference! Farmer Jeff Collins explained the differences in organic and permaculture farming and the night finished with Hector tempting our palate once more with lamb in an unusual sweet form.


Queso De Cabeza Y Cuello En Montadito With Greens

Suggested wine pairing: Vega Sindoa Rose, Navarra, Spain

First course

Lomo De Cordero Crudo

Micro Diced Lamb Loin, Marmahon (Honduranian Cous Cous), Tiny Local Tomatoes, Sour Orange Confit,

Lime, Local Cucumbers & Herbs

Suggested wine pairing: Crios Torrontes, Argentina

Second course

Cordero Al Palta Choclo

Choclo Corn Ñoquis, Sharp Sheep’s Cheese, Basil

Suggested wine pairing: Ventisquero, Pinot Noir, Casablanca, Chile

Main course

“Piquito” De Cordero Al Padron

Funche De Platano, Pimientos del Padron Sauce

Roasted Local Tomatoes, Herbs

Suggested wine pairing: Ventisquero “Grey”

Carmenere , Maipo, Chile

Dessert course

Helado De Oveja Y Abeja

Sheeps Milk Cheese & Honey Ice Cream,

Vanilla Scented Lamb Nut “Beignets”, Cocoa Nibs

Suggested wine pairing: Casta Diva Muscat, Alicante, Spain

Photos provided by Kitty Ray Swain & Anna Haber

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