The Idea

The idea for For Foods Sake evolved from a simple question I was asking in 2009: “Isn’t there a way to make going out to dinner more enriching and personally rewarding?

After a few discussions with friends and inspirations from Outstanding in the Field and other underground clubs, I answered that question by creating a monthly “secret experience” event to bring a farmer and chef together in an “alternative” dining venue. The events served not only to raise awareness about our food choices, but allowed the community to become personally involved in the farmer’s mission while discovering and supporting the emerging and established chefs. Our events have raised awareness of City of Refuge’s 180 Degree Kitchen for students who wouldn’t traditionally have the means to enter a culinary career. 

From shared enthusiasm, the membership has grown and the launch of For Food’s Sake Society was created to offer the ultimate in foodie experiences including exclusive Society gatherings, advance access to FFS events and discounts to events, travel, food and retail stores.  Additionally, the gift store launched with items significatly reduced for Society members. Most recently, For Wine Sake was created to give our members access to wine experts for their wine selection at prices unbeatable in the state of Georgia. 

I hope to continue to bridge the relationship with foodies, farmers and chefs with more unusual experiences in the coming year. And remember, For Food’s Sake is as much about our community as it is for food! I look forward to sharing and collecting the very best in food experiences this year.
Thanks to all who have attended to celebrate food for food’s sake.

Sincerely yours,
Esther McMaster Andrew

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