Marie Nygren

 Why is sourcing local and or organic produce important to you & your restaurant?  I love knowing the respect, energy and appreciation that goes into growing my produce.
 If you were a farmer what would you raise or grow?  Fields of greens and tomatoes
What one seasoning can you not live without?  Tabasco
What should every kitchen not be without? [ie: type of knife, pan, olive oil, etc]  A well seasoned cast iron skillet
What chef,  person and or book inspired you to enter the culinary world?  My mother, Margaret Lupo, who owned Mary Mac’s Tearoom
What are some can’t miss items on the menu?  Sauteed Collards with Lemon Onion Butter Sauce, Baked Chicken stuffed with Goat Cheese with Red Pepper Jelly, Farmhouse Fig Cake, Fried Chicken
What celebrity or historical figure would you most want to serve a meal to?  Rumi
Where and with whom would be your ideal location for your last supper? What would you eat, drink and listen to?  With my husband, Steve, and our three daughters, Garnie, Kara and Quinn.  In our garden on a mid summer night with a full moon.  Foie gras terrine, linguine with fresh porcinis, a simple salad, fresh tomatoes.  An amazing Pinot and “Ging.”  Yo-Yo Ma playing pieces from Ennio Morricone.

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