Farmer Jimmy Franks of Southern Swiss Dairy

Southern Swiss Dairy is a milk processing facility located in Waynesboro, GA that is family owned and operated. Our milk is natural and free of artificial growth hormones. We process and bottle milk products the same day our cows are milked, ensuring our customers will have the freshest milk possible

Q&A with Farmer Jimmy Franks

What prepared you to be a farmer? Born and raised on a farm and have always wanted to be a farmer. We go back 6 generations of farmers beef and crop and now I’m the first dairy farmer.  I chose dairy because we are more interactive with our animals and better cash flow.  I am happy to see that both of my children will be going to college this year and are studying agriculture engineering and animal and dairy science.

What is a unique feature and how many acres do you farm? We have 1000 acres and 675 acres is dedicated to our cows for grazing and crops.  Our unique bottling is right on the farm thus a lot fresher and non homogenized.  We regulate very closely what our cows eat to insure they produce the best quality milk. Brown Swiss milk has a high fat-to-protein ratio. This means that the milk is extremely rich. Our cows produce natural milk that is free of artificial growth hormones. When our milk is pasteurized, it is heated to 140 degrees or more. However, the milk is not homogenized. This allows the cream to rise to the top inside each jug of milk.

Tell us about your feed and how they live on your farm. We try to graze as much as possible but in the summertime our cows can’t take the heat. We have a freestyle barn with shavings and an evaportive cooling system with misters that blow water on them. We grow corn, soybean, hays and sorghum. . Varieties are more digestible and . .. Gates are open . 4:30 am and 3:30 in afternoon. 4 fulltime emplyees. We graze our

How much of food goes to farmers markets and or restaurants? 20% goes to restaurants and farmers markets including  Stateboro farmers markets, Buford Hwy Farmers Market and HighRoad Craft Ice Cream and Sorbet. The rest goes to cooperatives that re-distribute it.

What challenges do you have as a farmer? Not sure if I have enough room here as it will take a novel.  From permitting to cow nutrition, it changes daily.

Where do you see farming in the future? We need to be more efficient and be able to make more with less. It seems it is up to US to feed the world so we’ve got to continue advancing with technology but with a humane approach

Where would be your ideal location for your last supper, what would be your meal & music and who would join you ? On the farm with BBQ and vegetables listening George Straight with my family

279 Rosier Road

Waynesboro, GA 30830


Jimmy Franks (706) 339-1739


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